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12th April 2011

Hi King Bizkit Music Lovers!                              

Well……. It’s a Year since my last Newsletter! So much has happened and yet so little!
I am STILL waiting for all the artwork from Roger Dean for ‘SELLING MY SOUL’…….. so frustrating. We completed all the recording, mixing & mastering back in 2008 and I was hoping to get it released quickly, but…………..!

On the ‘good side’, King Bizkit Records re-released the 1995 ‘HOOKED ON YOU’ cd and that is now being played on 291 Radio Stations around The World, including New Zealand, Australia, The Phillipines, Japan, South America, U.S.A. and all over Europe and is creating a lot of interest again.
Richard Everitt Management are now getting a lot of enquiries to book KING BIZKIT for Festivals around The World for the next 3 years!

Also, back in 2010, King Bizkit Records had the ‘STAGELIVE’ recording from 1993 transferred from cassette to cd and that is now in the process of being produced as a double cd and will hopefully be released on 1st. March this Year and will be available to purchase from the King Bizkit Records website.

‘STAGELIVE’ was the live recording of the gig we did at the Stage Club in Kiel, Northern Germany on 24th. April 1993 and it turned out to be of excellent sound quality, so it did’nt need anything done to it, but just transferred to cd format! You can read the review of it by Paul Lewis of Blueprint from 1993, if you go to the ‘PRESS’ box and click on ‘REVIEWS’.

On a totally different note, I was asked by Ipswich Community Radio @ 105.7FM, if I would like to present a weekly ‘late-night’ show, featuring music from my huge collection of LP’s, 78’s, 45’s, Cassettes & CDs and so I start my first show on Tuesday 29th. March, 10pm to Midnight!!!!!
It will be called ‘King Bizkit’s Speakeasy’ and I will playing Cool Jazz, Be-Bop, Soul, Swing, Funk, Gospel & Blues and featuring a ‘classic’ album each week and talking about the album and the Band/Musicians etc!

So, listen in on ICR 105.7FM on your radio or you can listen in online.

That’s about it for now!

Take care to you all,